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CFSBC - Bilingual Church in Covina



Covina First Southern Baptist Church was founded on April 14th 1986. Most of our members live in the city of Covina. Under the love of Christ we worship the true God and preach the Gospel to lead people to Christ. Our church is founded on the basic purpose of the truth of the Bible-based church.



Who We Are




  1. Make a joyful noise

    Perform with our choir the Grace Band.

  2. Be a greeter/usher

    This is a great way to get to know members.

  3. Behind the scenes
    Join our technical, grounds or kitchen crews.


Our Mission Statement



The function of the church is to worship the one true God; to teach the truth of the Bible; to nurture the believer's spiritual life to maturity; to lead people to the Lord Jesus Christ by spreading the gospel; and support missions near and far to fulfill the Great Commission.

​​​​​我們為加州立案的財團法人,屬加州非營利性質的宗教團體,隸屬美南浸信會體系,但享有絕對自主權的地方教會。我們是一群有不同專業的基督徒 – 我們中有銀行家,音樂家,社會工作者,政府員工,企業經營者,老師與家長,雖然各有不同,卻信仰同一位慈愛的神。

This church is organized as a nonprofit, religious organization pursuant to the General Non-profit, religious organizations.  The church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, but exercise full independent local church governance.  We are a diverse group of believers – bankers, musicians, social workers, teachers, public servants, business owners, parents  – united by our shared faith in a loving God.